Vrushal Kapadnis – Growth Marketer & Entrepreneur

I am a data-driven growth marketer.
I help businesses & startups grow with rapid experimentation. I enjoy sports, numbers, and long walks on the beach.

Founded the first profitable hyperlocal startup in the country – PuneSubji.com, in 2013.

I work as a growth marketer for a blockchain oracle solution – SupraOracles.
(Recent flex – Part of the team that created a 250,000+ multi-channel community)

Previously, I worked with a leading Growth Marketing Agency – Mapplinks.
Founded and run by one of the best growth marketers in the world – Rishabh Dev.
I was fortunate to have the opportunity to work on his first book – 101 ways to grow your startup.
(Recent flex – Helped build a retail business from zero to 4.5M in 18 months.)

Created a Chrome Extension to stop impulse purchases – ImpulseZero.
ImpulseZero has saved thousands of dollars by stopping users from buying things they do not need. (Closed now)

Reach out to me at vrushal@0xNorth.com